The Core

  The Core 


Hello and welcome to The Core MC  


We are a growing Minecraft server and are doing our best to give you the best gaming experience that we can give you. If you have any ideas for the server please do not hesitate to contact us. Do please remember to donate to our server so we can upgrade the server for you.

Thanks for playing on our server, enjoy.


Server address is:



  The status of "Admin" is NOT purchasable, but to get this you must buy mod status and then earn this position. and from there you can get promoted to,

trusted admin.  

 As well as these packages, you can buy Minecraft money at a rate of $1US for 300 minecraft dollars which equals 3 Diamonds 

Please donate and notify ntaberthedoctor / alphaQ101 and you will have the money instantly. NOTE: You can not transfer the money back into real money unless you have the super donor package. 

Moderator status gives you the ability to kick players and/or put them in jail. It also give a unique ability to have a say on the server about what you think it needs. Also it gives you the tools/abitly to mass build. 

note once you have purchased anything you will need to contact a owner to get what you purchased.